I am priviledged to be a mother; it was almost life threatening. Yet it did happen. They are my best success. It has not always been easy, but as the saying goes, it has always been worth it.

I wanted more children, so many more than I was permitted.  Since I could have no more I borrowed other women’s children. I became a homestay mother. Thus, while I have two that were born of me,  I also have a daughter from China,  a daughter from Japan, and now a son-in-law. A son and daughter-in-law in Korea, and even a Korean Grandson, whom I had the delightful opportunity to name in English.  Recently a daughter from Taiwan has come into my life, and there is always the Little Dutch Girl, and so many others that come so close I cannot see the line.

Happy Mother’s Day for all of you for whom motherhood is a day to day reality, to those of you for whom the years must yet pass, to those of you for whom clukky has become the norm.

To all who have the hearts of mothers. For giving birth is not a requirement

only l ♥ v e


About Jane

Learning through living and writing the lessons
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