Rubies & Extreme juxtapositions.

‘Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies….’

2 Australian girls have signed up to sell their virginity for $20,000. The buyer: a so called documentary maker who wants to present social commentary.

The families are outraged.

Are you?

We all ought to be.

But sadly, just as with the frog in the pot of water that is steadily heated to boiling point society has become anaesthetised to impurity in mind,  and deed.

I heard a commentator state that the public debate of the value of virginity was a good thing. That frank and open discussion was healthy for society or words to that effect.

Is not virginity linked to chastity and modesty? Society hardly seems to know what those values are now, they are rarely demonstrated. Acknowledged even less.

Media covers weekend violence and associated drinking binges and drug induced stupor with much gravity, every Monday. TV footage shows no evidence of decency, modesty or restraint.  In society – in general – there is none.

More police are sent in on the following Friday, government considers cutting back nightclub hours etc but never get to the real issues.  The deep down issues.

A recent TV report about the mixing of energy drinks and alcohol and the affect upon ones heart rate 20 some-things were shown indulging. There pulse rates were checked before and after.  Over and over again we saw these kids binge on the mix of liquids: one glass dropt inside the other…at $15 a go I wondered who was funding this report.  How sad to see generations destroy itself. And mostly the drinkers thought it was funny.

On Friday nights clean modest LDS youth and 20 some-things often attend the LDS temples across the world. They delight in one another’s company, find joy in the service and head on home in safety and peace. Is this out of step with the world? Yes. However, I, for one am happy to be out of step. And to have the members of my family that way. Indeed I hope they all will be.

I found the timing of this issue interesting for in the one or 2 days prior there a member of parliament called for the banning of the burka.  This is the full length covering that some Islamic women espouse. Heated debated came from all forms of media: non Islamic experts, Islamic women and the general public were canvassed on this matter.  * France has now voted to ban the buka in public.

I don’t know if the 2 aforementioned virgins have any religious foundation in their lives, it would seem not, however from their choices to the choices of Islamic women to cover themselves head to foot in public seems an extreme juxtaposition.

Now there is the issue of very young girls dancing provocatively, even suggestively. We are told it is harmful to the children, and there is outrage from the experts. The you-tube clip is played over and over to show us how bad it is.

Are you the mother of little girls?

That frog is heating up fast.


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