consider the question

WHAT if I was to ask myself ‘what am I supposed to be learning from this difficult situation’?

That would be so very different from ‘How can I fix it’? or ‘Why don’t you fix it’? or, well you get the idea.

I was looking though a friend’s bookcase, because that’s what I do. I love books, you are my friend, I want to see what you are reading, have read or have purchased since I was last here.

I came across Wendy Watson Nelson’s ‘Change Your Question’s Change Your Life’.

…I flipped it open and began to read…and read and read. And then to think. and think…and wonder.

Lump all that together and it’s pretty much PONDERING.

If you are going to ponder, it seems that entering into a prayerful dialogue with Heavenly Father, at some point or at the point you think of it, or when you think you have reached the end of the pondering, is a GOOD IDEA.

As you begin to pray you will soon find that you have not in fact completed your pondering, well, not for now. Or maybe it’s on hold while you do life stuff. But at some point you are going to get back to it.

I have spent the last few hours pondering.  There isn’t much life stuff happening at the moment so I have been able to do the pondering-prayer without any interruption.

I learnt some things. Some good things. Some things I needed to know.

Some things I need to ponder further about.

but for now here comes life-stuff.


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Learning through living and writing the lessons
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