The Book of Mormon musical

Noooo it’s not a new pageant that slipped under your summer (northern hemisphere) radar.

It is in fact a Broadway musical written by the guys who wrote Southpark

Yes, if  you are LDS  that  IS enough to make you stop reading but hang in a few more lines….

and if you are not LDS – please do read on…

Not being in USA I first picked up a mention of this theatrical program on twitter.

I followed through.

Yes it is for real. Then I came across an interview with the creators.

I don’t watch Southpark, never have, along with the Simpsons it is just not something I feel I need in my life.

I see form the success indicators that many do. If you are a fan that’s fine with me.

Choice is a great thing.

However I am aware of these programs and the general gist.

Before I go further here is the Church’s Official statement the new production.

The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but The Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change people’s lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ.

click here

Here’s the show blurb:

From Trey Parker and Matt Stone, four-time Emmy Award-winning creators of South Park comes this hilarious Broadway musical about a pair of mismatched Mormon boys sent on a mission to a place that’s about as far from Salt Lake City as you can get. The Book of Mormon is written in collaboration with Robert Lopez, the Tony Award-winning writer of Avenue Q, and co-directed by Mr. Parker and three-time Tony nominee Casey Nicholaw (Spamalot, The Drowsy Chaperone).
Contains explicit language.

During the interview with Trey and Matt – I cannot recall where I saw it online TV? they talked of their love of Mormons, the people they know in the church etc, They spoke of wanting to poke some serious fun, not only at Mormonism, but the nature of religious beliefs in general’. That’s a quote from this curious review

It was a strangely interesting interview. All that airtime justifying their stance. But the bottom line is that they are mocking something that is from God. And we all know how God feels about that. Well, ok not all, but a lot of us do.

I debated (with myself) the pros and cons of a blog post about this show, whether I might be seen to be promoting it. Which I’m not.

It’s that choice thing again. Keeps cropping up, doesn’t it.

I wondered how many mad keen Southpark/Trey/Matt fans and I-wanna-be-seen-at-the-newest-thing-people will rock up to the show.

Then I thought about how many of them will then be curious to know about the REAL  Book of Mormon?

There will be some.

There will be some who will want to reconsider their position regarding the Church.

There was during the interview a reference made to the possibility of TWO LDS (Mormon) church men running for President of USA 2012.

TWO? Yes, Mitt Romney and John Huntsman. and here

Therefor, very soon the profile of the Church is going to raise again, come under public scrutiny.

Be in the spotlight.

That’s ok. We have been there before. We will be again.

What’s truth does not go away. Is not swayed but public spotlights, discussion etc.

On the record I’d like to state that the Book of Mormon is indeed another witness of Christ. It is from God.

It is, as the LDS Church statement indicates (above)  a volume of scripture will change people’s lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ.

How do I know this? I have read it. I have prayed about it. You can know too. To get started Visit

As for the show? I myself will not go, even if I lived in NYC  I would not go.

Would you? It’s your choice…

Choice aka agency is a key aspect of the gospel….

want to know why? CLICK HERE


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