A Getting of Wisdom

A decade or so ago I received a blessing.

I had sought it, yet it contained way more than I had sought.

Actually they always do, and mostly what comes, seems on 1st hearing t have little to do with why I sought the

blessing in the first place. I’ve come to accept, and gain from that.

So, the blessing gave me a promise and then told me not to do something.

Nothing massive, like not a sin or anything. Just don’t take this action.

It wasn’t something I wanted to do anyway, so that was easy-peasy right?

Then years later something changed in me. Not a change I had sought,

but a significant change. Unexpectedly. And fast. You know, God style.

Due to this change I decided it was now Ok to take the action I’d never wanted to take.

Surely, the change was a green light: go ahead.

Would you see it that way?

Thus I acted. and when asked I shrugged it off, saying I’ve changed. Heavenly Father changed me,

allowed my eyes to open, my ears to hear and from an unexpected quarter came

words that set it all in motion.





and not in a good way.

A loss if equilibrium hardly describes it.

I sank. The world went dark. I reeled…

I shut myself down.

Steady. Steady.

Began to float up again.

If  Heavenly Father or Jesus had been here, in person,  I would have felt the comforting hand upon my shoulder.

I felt the compassion in the words I heard.

This, (as is THIS)

This, is why I said not to do that…(but it was specific).

Then a little later when calm was rolling in gently but comprehensively

this is right, and this is right.

A huge sigh from me.


I always thought the instruction was because of what was needed in me.

I never, ever thought it was for my protection.

Or put another way, that due to my lack..ok, like this

say the message was Do not go to the shop.Or even, DO Not Shop.

I think in response: I have no money so I wont go to the shop, I will be tempted to spend what I do not have.

so I wont go. I will be obedient. that’s easy.

Much later: Now I have money, I can go. I can pay for what I want. Therefor I can go.

I begin to go, I look at catalogues, I consider what I might buy…

my world tips.

This is why I said…

oh ok the danger is not IN the shop, well it might be, NOT in the purchasing but in the going.

Yes, in the going.

I have stopped. I am obedient to the original instruction.

Blessings have no time frame.

Learning often does. We determine it. Even unknowingly.

Agree or not? Leave me a comment – what’s been your experience.

* PS this is NOT really about money or shopping that was an example only.


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Learning through living and writing the lessons
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