study themes

I read all the cross references to Revelation. Then Gifts. The diligence, which quickly became heed and diligence.

Now I am reading Charity. Because I thought I needed more or it. I could see an attitude adjustment was needed.

But something happened to the reading. I got so busy doing the charity, being charitable in word and deed I forgot to read.

I can tell, as my notebook is open with the day and date of the last time I sat and read my scriptures.And it is not yesterday.

I can report though, great success in the change in my heart. And surely that is the desired outcome. Yes the scripture reading has to be there, but if it causes no change what’s the point.

I am sure I need more charity, I mean, who doesn’t? But for now I am going to move on to a new subject. I am considering Gratitude, blessings. thankfulness. That kind fo thing.

Because of late I have been Greatly Blessed. In small (what’s small really?) significant ways.



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