An Abundant Life


President Monson has invited all to have experience an abundant life during 2012.

His invitation: to Latter Day Saints everywhere to undertake a personal, diligent, significant quest For what I (President Monson) calls The Abundant Life – a life filled with abundance if success, goodness and blessings.
He has given and ABC of how to do this:paraphrasing below)
A is for Attitude. Pres Monson shares the quote about how Changing inner attitudes can cause change in outer aspects. Half a glass half full (or more) view of life be positive look for the good etc
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B is for Believe, in oneself. Trust yourself to know what to do, what to say where to be etc. be guided by the scriptures, but the standards of the church, but he thing I know are real and true.

C is for Courage. The courage to start, to keep going when things are tough. To get up when there has been a falling down or apart.

Attitude Believe Courage

I asked myself How can I incorporate these into my life more fully.
The abundance he speaks of is not material rather an inner richness Therefor inner changes or adjustments need to be made to find oneself living an abundant life.
Things I can do:
Read my scriptures daily
– Book of Mormon this year is the SundaySchoolreading.

– Relief Society Lesson Read & Ponder

Find ways to feel a greater love for my family,and to show it.

Visiting Teaching – go the extra mile

Be a good friend.

Earnestly and diligently seek the spirit. Action prompting I feel.

Open my heart – open my mind

Continue to strive for physical well being. It was President Ezra Taft Benson that reminded us there is a thin line between our physical and spiritual selves.



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