at all times and in all things, and in all places

USA newspapers etc are running hot with the issues of LDS Baptism for the dead and the 1970’s revelation to extend the Priesthood to all righteous men, ie black men . Searching for a theological explanation for the ban, writer Horowitz contacted BYU associate Professor Randy Bott.  Now writer Mike Parker quotes the Professor and deals with the issue of LDS Folk doctrine.

Elder Jeffrey R Holland of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles states ‘One clear-cut position is that the folklore must never be perpetuated’…he continues...

This is what I think: Isn’t ‘not having all the answers’ a pre requisite for having faith. If we know everything, then we do not need faith.
All those years ago when I announced to my family that I was going to be baptised into the church my mother wrote me a stern letter about the bias of the church, against black people. For her this way reason enough for me not to join.

My response to her was simply to state ‘I would not presume to tell God what is and isn’t ok. I trust Him to know what needs to be’. May I now add, these decades later, I trust in Him to know what needs to be changed, removed or completely done away with. If anything. It is my Faith in Him that has grown, not His need to make alterations.

In Australia, these issues – both Baptism for the dead and Priesthood for all righteous men – are seemingly not issues.
Of course we do not have a Mormon attempting to run for President. Therefore, for Americans up until the Republican Conventions decides, and should they go with Romney,    these questions will be raised well beyond Florida.

I recently sat in a class where we discussed possible responses to the question ‘Is the church Christian? Are we followers of Christ? The class seemed to struggle with this. I contributed the comment that in the light of Mitt Romney’s campaign for President
and especially if he won this question would be asked of us more and more. So we better sort out our answers. Are we Christian now looks like an easy question.

Yes it is a long way to Australia. But the Kingdom of God is here, and social media is here also.

The continuation of argument without information by non-member and disenchanted persons alike is as a wind fanning a fire.
Will our commenting here and there be enough to quench the flames?

If indeed we are to respond, if being baptised is a commitment to speak where and when we can, then might not a simple restatement of ‘I don’t have to know everything now. Yet I know the Lord will reveal ALL things someday’ be the best answer?

Keep it simple, honest and do not be drawn in.

And finally, if I may, we do need to remember the oft quoted ‘All that is required for evil to
triumph is for Good Men to do nothing’ Yes and women too.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am a Christian. I worship Christ. He is my saviour and redeemer. Through His atonement I know I can live again.  I have no issues with how God wants to run things. I believe He speaks to the Prophet Thomas S Monson, and directs the affairs of His church through him.


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