Pinterest: pinning what’s right.

Sometime last year I received an invite to Pinterest and created boards and quickly became addicted. Yes, just like you. And like Stephanie and on the digital mom blog 10 signs you are addicted. 

But it’s fun right? it’s easy,it’s cool and hot at the same time.  You don’t have to think you just look and oo and ahhh.

Besides there are many many other church members on the site.  I recognise many names, even Mrs Romney is reported to be there. There are some faces I know well. I recognise quotes and sayings…so it’s OK, right?

Maybe not….

Recently I happened across ‘ddk’s‘ article ‘Why I tearfully deleted my Pinterest…‘   and my disquiet began. I read the Boston Business Journal  Galen Moore’s considerations.  I’ve read ‘Eudemic’s‘ thoughts on the issues.

I actually went to the Term of Use and read them. More deep thinking followed. I soon knew what I needed  to do. I know myself well enough to know the pattern.

I HAVE LEFT Pinterest FOR LEGAL & ETHICAL REASONS. I believe it causes me to break copyright laws. 

If you look carefully you will see there is as yet no Official Membership for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The Church is very diligent in urging its members to respect and adhere to all Copyright laws. Wether you see a © or not. Check out the details in Handbook 2.

I have actually lost sleep over this. In the end it is basically Pinterest versus Conscience. For me this is a choice easily made.

Yes I know the stats, I know Pinterest is huge in the social media world. I know the traffic it draw is massive…yet when I weighed that against what I know to be right, it was no contest.

My role here as a Blogger is not my main creative outlet. I am first and foremost a writer. (I am half way through a trilogy plus 1/3 into another unexpected work) And as such, the issue of copyright is important to me, as it is to all to artists (I use the term broadly, painters, photographers, crafters of all types. Basically if you can make it and I can see it, hear it etc you are an artist to me.) I cannot therefore be part of something that, for now, risks other’s copyright, Your copyright, that is the very right to own the results of your inspiration, and the manifestations of your imagination, skill and passion. Not to mention hard work.
If and when the TOU (Terms of Use)  change I will be delighted to return. Or when I see that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has an official presence there, I will return.

Are we not told if we follow the brethren we cannot go wrong?

It was suggested that I simply await the legal changes that will surely come, but I cannot find it in myself to do that. For the above reasons.

Are you on Pinterest? Will you stay? Or leave?  

How did you make that choice? 

Comments are welcome.


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