The trouble with absolute power

While the USA electoral process is under way we hear much of our right to make up our own minds, to carefully consider which party is best…and to get involved in the process. This letter from the 1st Presidency is read frequently to all Wards (Parrish/congregations) across the lands that are the USA.
Here in Queensland Australia have just had a Sate election. The end result brings us a Government for the next 3 years the head of which we refer to as The Premier (essentially the same as a USA Governor)
A hard and somewhat dirty campaign was fought and smeared across the media for the last few weeks. Decisions were made that now must surely be regretted.
The result is we now have a change if Government. Essentially we are a two-party system. So the other team is now in to bat. The team that was in is now so far out it hardly exists.
Of the 89 seats some 78 have gone to the new government and not all the remainder are for what is now the opposition Maybe only 8 or 9.
We have no upper house in Queensland.
Clearly the new government has absolute power. The trouble with absolute power is that it corrupts absolutely.

We read the warning in Mosiah 121: 39 ‘We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.’

On Saturday evening as the extent of the rejection became clear, I heard a commentator remark that many of the today’s voters were not even born the last time we had this situation. And what happened that last time? Yep, absolute power corrupted absolutely.
As a State we may come to regret the choices of Saturday.
How wonderful to know that the affairs of God’s kingdom in earth are managed differently. There is no voting no lobbying. One is called. By revelation. The revelation comes to one who has the keys and authority. There is order and dignity. There is peace.
As we follow the counsel and direction of those that are called we can have peace. We can be prepared. We do not have to fear. When ye are prepared ye shall not fear…Indeed here is a rich oasis in the midst of the burning desert. All are welcome. 


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