The Cookie Collection

I attended a baptism and we were all invited to gather afterwards in the hall for refreshments.

There we came upon this delightful display.

All the cookies looked inviting. Apparently all were delicious. I did not hear a negative comment from any guest. There were moorish sounds, hmmms of yummieness and declarations that the cookie cook was had a superb ability.

The other thing I did not hear was anyone trying to convince anyone else that this or that cookie was better than another or indeed the best.

Yes, in essence all cookies were received equally. They certainly were presented that way.

Triple chocolate, M and M, white chocolate with macadamia, melting moments, chocolate Afghans etc it mattered not.

As I have reflected upon this cookie equality I was impressed that our associations with each other ought to be the same.  How our choice of friends ought to be made in the same way.  We choose our friends by what is attractive and interesting to us; not by announcing who we are rejecting.  Not by listening to loud voices lobbying for this person or that. Our personal tastes and experiences weigh in and we choose.

Friendship or cookies, the gift of agency is yours to use. It is not a free gift. It was paid for by a life. The life of Jesus Christ, so choose wisely.


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Learning through living and writing the lessons
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2 Responses to The Cookie Collection

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    Jane! What a beautiful post. The last line is powerful. I reread it a few times and let it sink in. I’d like you to post that last paragraph on Facebook. It really is a perfect message!

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