Seeking answers…

This weekend was General Conference in Salt Lake City Utah. A twice yearly event held in the SLC Conference Centre that seats 20,000+ people.

It is a huge event with massive behind the scenes work to bring it to pass.

General Conference 2013

Broadcast live through many sources. You can read, download or watch  the archives here.

Although I live in Australia I choose to wake up at 2am on Sunday and Monday. This has me online for the 10am Mountain Time start.  The afternoon sessions are at 2pm so I get to have a quick nap before logging back in at 6am Sunday and Monday.

April 6th 2013 marked a historic moment. On this screen for the first time the Twitter #LDSConf appeared. Thus if you were live tweeting and added this hashtag then people, both members and those not of our faith, could read along. Or contribute.

hashtag history

Between my Callings (one Ward, including running a Facebook page, and one Stake) my part-time work as a Facebook Curator and my private business as a social media consultant I am deeply involved in the social media world.

In the lead up to this conference I read a suggestion by Elder Uchtdorf about how to prepare for Conference.  He recommended we write down a few questions that we are wanting answers to. I gave this a great deal of thought.  In the end I focused on just 2.

How can we become closer as a family? (Every family wants this, right?)


How can I feel this spirit more?

After I settled on these questions I happened to read an article, online, identifying the one trait that can actually and substantially change any aspect of our lives, in which we desire to improve.

They spoke of Consistency.

I spent some time pondering this. Life balance can be challenging.

A long-time friend died recently, and I have thought much about his influence in my life. Also the influence of his wife, and the family example.

Elder Richard Scott gave a talk that seemed to address my questions. Yet not in a way I expected. This is so often the case. See Saturday Afternoon Speaker List.

I made a decision to return to theme based scripture study, for my main study. (Beyond Sunday School and Relief Society readings) And to make sure that my daily Book of Mormon reading was part of that.

I decided to study the theme of ‘scripture study’.

I looked up – online – scriptures. In the Topical Guide I found an extensive list. I came across

Joshua 1:8 I have a cute relative with this name, and decided to click on this option. (I write that now but do not really recall if that had any influence at the time, mostly I just felt to click it)

I was deeply struck but what I read and extend it out to read Joshua 1, 1-8.

God is speaking to Joshua after the death of Moses. He is talking about the Promised Land they are about to enter. ‘Every place the sole of your foot shall tread upon…’ He further tells Joshua, ‘I will be with thee; I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee’.

These words triggered deep and significant thought for me.

It came into my mind that if I, if we, Believe That, Know It, then there would be nothing to fear.

I then listed what I fear. We all have fears.

Joshua is told in verse 7, ‘Only be thou strong and very courageous.’ These are remarkable words.

Further on…read this, don’t talk about it, mediate upon it, and then do what you read…God then tells Joshua He shall ‘make the way prosperous’ and that Joshua shall ‘have good success’.

President Monson recommended we

  1. Search the Scriptures with diligence
  2. Plan our lives with purpose
  3. Teach truth with testimony
  4. Serve the Lord with love

I‘ve never really planned my life. Some may say that is evident. But how could I?

If you know me well you know why…

Now however. I plan my days and weeks.1/4ly and 12/12 plans now lay upon my desk.

I watched a You Tube a friend on Facebook had shared. Because of who she is I watched it.


It presented the concept of finding what you are passionate about and doing that very thing. Don’t worry about making money, do what you love.

Eventually you will become expert and people will seek out your expertise and pay for it.

But if you work for pay then you will find yourself on an endless treadmill of nothingness and boring repetition, which sadly will then be passed onto the next generation. After all where did we get it from?

I have gone on to make Executive Decisions which I am now seeking to implement.

These were my 2 questions:

How can we become closer as a family? (Every family wants this, right?)


How can I feel this spirit more?

The one answer for both of these questions, was to

Search the Scriptures with diligence.

Joshua showed me that the answers are all there. Just waiting to be found…




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One Response to Seeking answers…

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    Magnificent! This strengthened me so much, Jane! You are an amazing woman. Thank you so much! I really needed this.

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