one perfect paradox

Last week I wrote about how General Conference had impacted upon me personally.

It is a perfect paradox that in spite of the worldwide exposure, of #LDSConf  this twice annual event, is in fact a unique and intimate experience.

GC 2013

This article talks of the pre-Conference promotion and what happened during. It is well worth the read, for member and those not of my faith, yet.

Behind the scenes there was much humble yet delighted rejoicing by the many many people that put in hours and hours of volunteer time to bring everything together.

Conference addresses are translated into 94 languages. Sessions are broadcast across many forms on media. (I watch live, on line, at 2am here in Australia. Both the Sunday and Monday, which translates to Saturday and Sunday in Salt Lake City) IT people work long hours. Then there is security (some 20,000+ people can be seated in the Conference Centre).That’s a lot of car parking. There are also  journalists on site, and photographers from various media including the Church’s own. The volunteers, including the famous Mormon Tabernacle choir, need to eat and someone needs to make the thousands of meals that were provided. Dishes need to be washed, and all made ready for the next sitting. Like so many others the owner of these feet commenced her volunteer day at 5am. Some began earlier.

copyright elect lady PLEASE ask 1st

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ across the world eagerly share their conference preparation and experiences. The insights they gain go up on Twitter, Facebook Instagram etc.

Weeks before several Bloggers produced packages to assist parents make the experience rich for their children.

The following weeks in chapels around the world members will gather to partake of this wonderful feast. There are delayed scheduled re-broadcasts. The Church Magazines will bring the spoken word in written form as the transcripts go out across the world.

Transcripts went up in what seemed like record time on the Church’s main site.  You can down load as podcast, watch the video or simply listen.

The Church has indeed embraced the very best of technology. Yes, the desire is to get the messages out to the Membership, but more than that to share the knowledge that God is real, He loves us all. Jesus Lives, His full gospel has been restored.  The Book of Mormon is more than a quirky musical. It is sacred scripture that will change your life. The messages of Conference show the practical application of the doctrines we believe…

wordl april 2013

*What to do when you face the awful challenges of life

*Growing Faith

* The need for Peace is a busy noisy world

* The power of chastity

*Standing strong

*Personal preparation

* About Hope and Miracles, and Obedience

*Learn about The Father and The Son

*Mornings and Marriages

Receive encouragement, be uplifted, and be fortified. Lastly, Do not be alone.


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