a worldwide gathering of women

When the announcement came that there was to be a combined women’s meeting that would reach out and embrace not only Young Women but girls from baptism age up, not everyone was happy.  Personally I was fine with it. I wondered what form it might take. I looked forward to it.


Saturday 29th March, 6:00pm  MDT – that is Utah Summer time – at the Conference Centre in Salt Lake City women gathered for this historical meeting.

Here in Australia, I was unwell and therefore unable to attend my regular Sunday meetings. I opened LDS.org and watched the meeting live. I watched ‘with’ my cousin who lives in Utah. Her comments when spotting a neighbour, a friend, someone from work, how the choir was formed etc added to my experience.  It was quite remarkable. Love technology.

An abundance of the spirit and of LOVE. Inspiring. Tender.

The opening prayer surprised and delighted me. I know someone that age. …no spoilers here…through the heavenly music and the well-considered video presentations I hardly moved. The speakers captured my attention, inspired my mind and reached to my heart.

I confess my eyes filled with tears at the special invitation to the Primary girls. Sister Wixom involved them in an unexpected yet delightful way. I had a lump in my throat as I watched the mothers next to their daughters.

The 3 General Presidents spoke, followed by President Henry B Eyring of the First Presidency.

Up first was the Primary president…

The Young Women President reminded us…

The General Relief Society President addressed the worldwide audience

President Henry B Eyring taught us

This meeting will be broadcast in Australia over the weekend on 5/6 April. Check your Stake Calendars for details. Plan to be there. Yes you could watch it at home, and that is better than missing it, however I sense that the experience of gathering together will be a remarkable one. One worth any effort. One worth journalling.

Read about the experiences of other sisters. 

and lastly for now, I would like to invite you to come over to Facebook and

Like  Mormon Women Stand

unite with some 10,300+ women. Launched on 11th March this group is growing rapidly. You will find great discussions and articles that support you as you take a Stand.


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