Women of the church: what do we get?

Sisters, I’m finding it increasingly frustrating (not hugely, but the irritation is there) hearing from so many quarters about what ‘people’ think we as LDS Women do not have. Should have. Want. Or ought to want. And the limitations and discrimination they perceive this as giving us.

Perhaps we are not there – the perceived destination of everythingness –  but may I say, and I’m backed here by Sheri Dew in this clip, that righteous women in the church generally focus on what we do have. Not what we don’t.

That has been my experience. I am not saying every sister,….but generally speaking

We are busy doing all that Sister Dew listed, and then some. We are focused and dedicated. You know your life, it’s busy.

We are not sitting around crying over what isn’t. Regardless of whether it’s isn’t yet. Or isn’t ever going to be. Why do we need more? 

The question is ‘Women of the church: What do we get?’

Sheri Dew responds…



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