Revolving doors: adieu, Terrie.

The terminus of life is busy and filed with emotion.

We all experience the joy of arrivals and the sorrows of departures.
I wonder if the revolving door on the other side of the veil has the heartstrings being pulled in reverse.
No doubt there would have been much joy as Terrie arrived. Her family and friends who had gone before, excited to see her.
Would word of her arrival spread in respectful whispers…have children found their way to her side.
Has a little hand slipped into hers?
A year ago, as the west coast slept, in the East Terri would be up early. In Australia I was up late. I’d message her send me your list…these were the early days of MWS.  (Mormon Women Stand where we were co admins, and tech support)
We had quickly developed a smooth comfortable working relationship, which developed just as rapidly into a friendship and mutual support system.
One day the words ‘visiting teaching’ appeared on the list. I asked and she responded she was in the middle of completing a major item on the list, could I help with her visiting teaching? Thinking I would need to whip up a handout for her to print I readily agreed to help. Turned out she had some practical issues. The house was half packed for a move, where were her shoes and an appropriate outfit?
Ok I said you finish up and I’ll, um, pray. Then I’ll work on the list while you are out.
Done. Flashed up on the screen.
I began the next task when suddenly messenger flashed up. ‘How did you do that’?
When Terrie returned she said she had gone into her room and saw her shoes neatly waiting for her with a clean pressed appropriate for visiting teaching outfit hanging alone in the wardrobe.
I laughed and reminded her that’s what she said she needed. We were jointly humbled and grateful. She had completed her local assignment and I’d gotten a few things on the MWS tech list completed.
We worked on more than MWS together.
Terri would send me links to houses she and her husband would be viewing. We laughed our way through a discussion as to whether walking distance to a bookstore was a benefit, or not, with regard to a particular house.
She didn’t want to live in a place called Pottsville. I did some research and wrote back with a list of what I thought were astoundingly positive reasons. The house looked great. The history was remarkable. We talked it through.
So far all our conversations were two subjects: the technical work we were completing behind the scenes, the personal subjects we were discussing.
When Terrie became unwell we talked again. Our conversations changed. Because of my life-long serious health  issues we had new common ground.
We talked of challenges. We talked of faith, courage, surrender. Not giving up but surrender to our Father’s will. We talked of love.
We talked – online typed conversations – several times during her short final journey. The spirit whispered it would be a short journey.
Terrie’s ability to respond became limited and difficult. She told me she could read even if not formulate a response. We agreed just one letter would be fine. I typed support and love. She replied.
Then with silent untyped agreement we stopped.
A few days ago I felt she was about to go. To go home.
A few hours ago, she did indeed go.
Now I think only of the joy that is hers. Her journey here is done, and done well. Very well.
Terrie is already missed acutely and deeply here: by those of us at MWS, admin and community. By her family. Her husband and much loved grandchildren.
I have no tears. Her example was powerful. I think of her as she now is. Her joy.
Terrie’s influence lingers, and will linger long. Very long.
*Note: I had some layout issues with this post, and no Terrie, to scoot over to discuss it with….

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One Response to Revolving doors: adieu, Terrie.

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    Beautiful! I got the chills!!

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