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Women of the church: what do we get?

Sisters, I’m finding it increasingly frustrating (not hugely, but the irritation is there) hearing from so many quarters about what ‘people’ think we as LDS Women do not have. Should have. Want. Or ought to want. And the limitations and … Continue reading

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A relevant question

During Elder Bednar’s BYU Education Week Devotional he gave examples of how the church, as well as some members were already reaching out on-line. He quoted the title of an article my friend Terri had written…along with 16 other women … Continue reading

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silver linings.

I’ve been teaching myself some new skills. This (the below image)is not quite right but close…and it is my first. I wanted to share that even though I have not been here in a while I have not forgotten. I … Continue reading

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The Cookie Collection

I attended a baptism and we were all invited to gather afterwards in the hall for refreshments. There we came upon this delightful display. All the cookies looked inviting. Apparently all were delicious. I did not hear a negative comment … Continue reading

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Pinterest: pinning what’s right.

Sometime last year I received an invite to Pinterest and created boards and quickly became addicted. Yes, just like you. And like Stephanie and on the digital mom blog 10 signs you are addicted.  But it’s fun right? it’s easy,it’s cool and hot … Continue reading

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A Getting of Wisdom

A decade or so ago I received a blessing. I had sought it, yet it contained way more than I had sought. Actually they always do, and mostly what comes, seems on 1st hearing t have little to do with … Continue reading

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The Book of Mormon musical

Noooo it’s not a new pageant that slipped under your summer (northern hemisphere) radar. It is in fact a Broadway musical written by the guys who wrote Southpark Yes, if  you are LDS  that  IS enough to make you stop … Continue reading

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